Yamileth Orozco


Yamileth “Yami” Orozco is a wife and has two beautiful dogs, whom she loves with all her heart. She is a nurse and has been working with children with multiple disabilities for many years. A very caring person enjoys spending time in her backyard, has a vegetable garden and many fruit trees.


An El Salvadorian native, Yamileth, migrated with her mother and siblings to The United States of America when she was eighteen years old, has been living in Northern Virginia all this time. For more than two decades living in between two cultures and speaking two beautiful languages, she knows the importance of being able to communicate in both languages English and Spanish; she wants to promote reading in bilingual families.

Yami’s dogs inspire her to write stories combining with her childhood memories. Her stories represent different experiences and changes that children can go through, teaching them suitable lessons.


She enjoys writing (of course), cooking, gardening, and traveling. Yamileth is a nature lover and is fascinated by other cultures and languages. She believes that every person, regardless of origin or culture, is unique and has a lot to give to the world.


Her philosophy is to “help others without expecting something in return.”